Giving a great idea a shape and making it tangible is what really excites! Taking strategic aims and values, identifying challenges and being able to translate these into practical implementation plans

Timelines … yep, they are a necessary evil and they are crucial if a project is to succeed. From an overview to a detailed action plan, it’s all part of the process of delivering on time. Agile or waterfall, the approach has to be right for the project. Online ticketing systems such as Pivotal Tracker enable the smooth running of any project.

Sketches, user journeys, flow diagrams, wireframes, prototypes. Not always needed, but crucial in some cases. This way everyone knows what they’re getting, the designers have a guide, developers know what it’s meant to do, and most importantly of all, the client can see it before the process even starts.

Infographics can make sense of statistics, make data look wow, make information look so much more interesting than just words on a page. Transforming big or small data into pictures makes it accessible, funky and user-friendly. We like user-friendly.

Proposals and bids are the starting point for any idea, and need to be done well for an idea to fly. Well-researched, practical, relevant and detailed information presented beautifully in a professional can be the difference between success and failure.

Functional documents, technical specifications, wireframes, flow diagrams and data flows are the building blocks for any digital project. Bringing all this together with test plans, timelines and the appropriate methodology and technical approach are crucial to successful delivery.

The very essence of a successful digital project. ‘Usability’, ‘UX’, ‘User experience’, ‘user-friendly’. All great, relevant terms. What it boils down to is … whatever it is that you’re making, make it enhance our daily lives, make it look brilliant and work beautifully.